Friday, June 29, 2007

Mohnish Pabrai: Pabrai Funds shareholder meeting 2001 transcripts

5. Any insights gained after last two years in regard to portfolios that have changed your rules?

Mohnish: One change occurred a little overone year ago. I got a hold of the Buffett Partnership letters and was surprised to see that a huge portion of the portfolios was comprised of Special Situations. I then researched Special Situations in much greater detail. Now we have up to 30% of the portfolio in Special Situations.

6. Even Great Companies have bad things that happen to them. How do you keep portfolios abreast of thesebad things?

Mohnish: If nothing bad happened to any of the stock, wed be at a 70+% annual rate of return. Some bad things will happen. The whole point is to have 10 securities. One or two may have some bad things happen, but the majority will be fine.

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Rodrigo said...

They took down the transcripts at Gurufocus. Would you happen to know anywhere else these are available? I greatly appreciate the help.