Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mohnish Pabrai: Bloomberg Interview June 19, 2007

Bloomberg Clip Jun 19, 2007

Analysis and Discussion with Featured Guest Mohnish Pabrai of Pabrai Investment Funds: Stocks More Affected By Micro Factors than Macro Economy; Entrepeneurs Are Good at Handling Uncertainty - High Uncertainty, Low Risk

Bloomberg Clip Part 1

Analysis and Discussion on in Investing with Buffett, with Featured Guest Mohnish Pabrai: Berkshire's Businesses, Investments Worth $5K/share; Delta Financial - Provides Fixed Rate Loans, Not Exposed to Resets, Would Be Little Impacted by Housing Correction

Bloomberg Clip Part 2

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Harina said...

Extreme clarity in thinking and analysing companies. Dhando book was a real treat!