Friday, June 29, 2007

David Martin: The Bank Blitz Memo: Get the Picture?

One of the other benefits of encouraging photo taking and documenting of campaigns and promotions is that it can provide a practical “scrapbook” for a branch. I have always been impressed by branches that have actually recorded and cataloged their various promotions, campaigns, contests, as well as team members through the years. In only a few minutes, any new branch employee (or senior manager) can get a real “feel” for that branch. These scrapbooks also serve as a great reminder of things that worked and didn’t work in the past. And these “books” can now be easily stored on disk or even on an internal website.

Of course, something like a branch scrapbook sounds just too quaint to some “serious” bankers. But I’ve never visited a branch that had one that didn’t have a manager and team that felt a personal ownership of their business. Call that quaint. I call it pretty telling.

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