Tuesday, November 29, 2005


“Both of us feel that those of us who have been very fortunate have a duty to give back. Whether one gives a lot as one goes along as I do or a little and then a lot [when one dies] as Warren does is a matter of personal preference. I would hate to have people ask me for money all day long. Warren couldn't stand it.” by Charlie Munger (2003 Annual Meeting)

“When we were born, odds were 50 to 1 against us being born in the US. So we were lucky. My lump sum should go to society. There's no reason little Buffetts should be running around in 100 years rich because they were lucky.” by Warren Buffett (2003 Annual Meeting)


arpitranka said...

Hi David,

It is really great to see Buffett & Munger's thoughts on various subjects summed up on a page. Thanks.

All the best,

Dah Hui Lau said...

Hope you enjoy it, Arpit.

Warmest regards,