Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dah Hui Lau's Testimonials

“I can see, even from my limited interactions via email, that Dah Hui is VERY enthusiastic about investing, has a true inner passion, and - most importantly - has a solid temperament. It is really an honor to have the chance to share my "value investing learning curve" with someone as dedicated as Dah Hui, and I can only imagine what rewards his energy will earn in the future.” (November 22, 2005) by Shai Dardashti (

“Dah Hui is motivated and intelligent individual, very good at picking stocks based on his past professional experiences.” (November 21, 2005) by Brian Zen, CFA (

All the best,

Dah Hui Lau (David)

1 comment:

Dr Paul Yap said...

Well done David!!

As a friend and colleague, I have known Dah Hui for just over 4 years but I have no doubt at all that he will succeed in whatever he pursues.

Definitely the most enthusiastic and disciplined investor (and person!) I have come across.