Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day with Warren Buffett enriching to UA students

''He goes to work happy every day, and so many of us go to work looking forward to the weekend,'' she said. Loving what you do is so much more important than making money, he advised.

Finkle said many comments made a deep impression on him as well, but one he'll never forget was in response to Finkle's own question about the most influential people in Buffett's life.

Among those Buffett named was a friend who was a Polish Jew, taken to a World War II concentration camp after an acquaintance reported the friend's hiding place to the Germans.

Buffett said ever since hearing that story, ''when he would begin friendships, he would ask the question: Would this person hide me from the Nazis?''

''He then went on to say that one of the most important things [if not the most important] was unconditional love. If you can find two or three people who love you unconditionally, you are a lucky person.''

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