Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chris Hohn profile: Britain's biggest charity donor

Before his latest £466m donation, he had already given away more than £230 million, dwarfing his estimated fortune of £110m.

Mr Hohn, 41, is a controversial figure in the business world because of his aggresive money-making tactics, but his private life remains largely secret and he very rarely gives interviews or talks about his philanthropy.

The father of four is the son a of a white Jamaican car mechanic who emigrated to Britain in 1960 and moved to Sussex after marrying a secretary called Winifred.

Mr Hohn went to Southampton University before attending Harvard Business School, in Massachusetts, USA, where he studied the Master of Business Administration course.

He was an excellent student and became a Baker Scholar – an award given to the best five per cent of the graduates.

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