Monday, July 09, 2007

Mohnish Pabrai: Rs 2.6cr for lunch is my guru dakshina

Q: I'm thinking you might have paid about $10,000 per minute for this lunch if it lasts an hour...

A: The lunch typically lasts three hours. It is really a bargain basement price for the honour. I have gained so much from Mr Buffett that I consider this a small guru dakshina. I owe him a debt. I have learnt much from him, but I have never given back to him.

Q: Have you ever met Mr Buffett before? You must have attended the annual Berkshire fete in Omaha?

A: I think I've been there every year for the past ten years. I've met him briefly at investor meets, but I have never been introduced to him.

Q: As a self-confessed Buffett buff, you have studied him so closely. What remains to be asked?

A: Just to be with him, to talk about life, about his perspectives, should be good enough. I also want to learn from him about philanthropy and apply some of his principles to my own Dakshana Foundation. I consider this as the first grant my foundation is making (the Buffett lunch bid money goes to the Glide Foundation which helps the poor and homeless in San Francisco)

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