Friday, December 22, 2006

How To Read The Bible #1

Err.. this is not about investment, but technique of reading the bible.

Charlie Munger said that multidisciplinary approach to investing is vital. And, I believe that the technique of reading bible could be applied to reading annual reports more efficiently.

This preacher said you don't have to read from page 1 to finish.

Bible consists of a collection of 66 literatures and one should read bible like reading short story book.

Likewise, to read annual report, you don't have to start from page 1. I always start from the balance sheet, income statement and cashflow statement, and then jumping to relevant notes first.

Having said that, Warren Buffett said good investor should at the end, read the whole annual report in order not to miss things out.

It is worth watching this short video clip of 6 mins: How to read the Bible.

Thank you Terence Tan for sharing,

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