Friday, October 27, 2006

Microsoft powers ahead: 11% increase in Revenue

Source: WSJ.


Microsoft's profit and revenue both rose 11% in its fiscal first quarter.

"Office 2007 and Vista actually should be a catalyst for growth not in those two divisions but also a catalyst in the server and tools division," said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive, in an interview this week. "We get to sell a whole different sort of combined business value."


It is interesting to note that more and more super-investors from the value group started to invest in Microsoft. Arnold Van Den Berg and Charles de Vaulx have significant holdings in Microsoft; 8.45% and 5.24% of portfolio respectively. Even deep value investor, Marty Whitman, has a small position in MSFT.

MSFT stock price has increased nicely over the last few months. Having said that, there are more potential ahead.

To listen to Whitney Tilson's view on MSFT: Whitney Tilson's Interview.

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