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Fighting an investing slump; April 2, 2006

Robert Olstein compares his job of picking stocks to a slugger stepping up to the plate in Major League Baseball. In both jobs, you have to be tough enough to take the strikeouts along with the home runs. You may even hear jeers from the crowd if you are in a slump.

"A great hitter in baseball has a .333 average," Olstein said in a recent interview. "On the other hand, a great hitter on Wall Street is probably at .700. So the fact is that when you go through your .300 period and underperform as a fund manager, you have to hang in there.

"Right now, we find ourselves in the very same boat as a number of respected value managers," Rogers said in a recent letter to his investors.

"Hopefully until I am 100," he said. "I have fun doing this. I take annual reports on my vacation. I love tennis and golf and fishing. I am a big outdoorsman. But there is only so much time that you can spend outdoors."

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